Are You Communicating Your Value

Image of three people in a business setting, having a meeting or discussion looking over some documents

Do you get frustrated by the lack of recognition for all your hard work? When you’ve put in the hours, and gone the extra mile to make a difference, it can feel so disheartening when nobody seems to notice. But while it feels like “they” should know the impact of what you’re doing, your boss, […]

How Do You Measure Your Impact?

Picture of a tape measure measuring the length of the word "success"

How do you know when you’re doing a good job or that the time you are investing is worthwhile? Metrics and measures can be a useful way to get feedback on what you are doing, and the value you are getting from your time, but it’s important that they take into account the whole impact […]

How to create your ideal day

A full rainbow against a black sky, over the Scottish countryside with shadows of 2 people in the foreground.

How is your typical day?  Do you find yourself annoyed, stressed, feeling frustrated, or just bored of what you do?  Would you like to feel energised, passionate, embracing every moment?  Have you ever really thought about your ideal day and what it would look like, feel like, sound like? Why know your ideal? I’m bet […]

How to find your dream job

Child sitting on a flying suitcase in the clouds with goggles on and a bag flying out behind them

The job market can be a pretty scary place. It’s tempting to just take what we have and make the most of it – but what if you know you have more to give? What if you know that your strengths could be better used? How do you even start to figure out what your […]