What’s It Like Being A TEDx Speaker?

Emma Brassington standing in front of the TEDx Holgate Women Sign on the stage

Did I really deliver a TEDx talk? 5 months ago I was up there, standing on the red spot, on the TEDx stage talking about AI and compassion. Lots of people have asked me what it was like so I thought I’d share, but as the experience was much bigger than standing up there on stage, […]

Riding The Rollercoaster Of Imposter Syndrome

Image of rollercoaster

Last week I submitted a talk to TEDx! Cue a whole range of emotions.  At first, it was so exciting! Finally – a chance to reach more people with the ideas and insights I’ve had. What an amazing opportunity! Then I found out what was needed and got scared – the schedule was tight – including coming up […]

Do You See Yourself As A Leader?

Image of people celebrating reaching the end of their hike

I used to think that leadership was something special. I thought it was hard, and that there were certain people who were born to be leaders and I wasn’t one of them.  I was more a do-er – someone who followed instructions, but not the person leading the way.  I remember being at school when […]

Forget Resolutions – Connect With Your Why

Image looking out over mountain top view seeing peaks above the clouds

Does this sound familiar? “This year is going to be different!I’m going to set my resolutions and make myself stick to them!I’m determined to make them happen!” I’ve said similar things to myself many times over the years – and heard so many of my friends and my clients say it too. One of the […]

How Could Increasing Your Visibility Help You?

Image of Emma leaping in the air, barefoot on the beach

If you’re wondering if you have the time to get out there and be more visible (let alone join my visibility challenge next week), then let me explain why you need to start to make being visible a part of your daily routine. Increasing your visibility can help you to grow your network, and ensure […]