Riding The Rollercoaster Of Imposter Syndrome

Image of rollercoaster

Last week I submitted a talk to TEDx! Cue a whole range of emotions.  At first, it was so exciting! Finally – a chance to reach more people with the ideas and insights I’ve had. What an amazing opportunity! Then I found out what was needed and got scared – the schedule was tight – including coming up […]

What if it’s Ok Just To Be Me?

Image of Emma leaping in the air with joy in front of the sea

This is such a simple question, and yet how many of us are spending time and energy trying to manage ourselves to be something better than we are? We put on a mask, create a persona, act “as if”… Why is it so difficult to show up and just be ourselves? Authenticity is something thats important to […]

Are you mistaking urgency for importance?

A picture of the back of a large clock with people looking out from behind it.

There will always be more stuff to do than there is time available to do it. And when we feel busy, it’s amazing how much more there seems to be to do. The pressure piles on, things on the to-do list multiply, and we get drawn into the details of trying to get everything done. Of […]

Reflections On a Tough year

Misty image of a mountain top

I took the leap into self-employment back in 2019. It wasn’t the best timing, but how was I to know that 6 months later there would be a global pandemic?! 2020 was tough, but from it, some amazing things were born – I created my Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship programme, and am so proud of […]