How To Build Credibility And Influence

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If you want to build your influence the first step is always to start to speak out and get visible – because without that no one will ever know about you and your ideas.  And when you are consistently visible, repeatedly sharing the same core message reminds people you are there and helps them realise that you mean what you say […]

Turning Visibility Into Influence

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You’re putting yourself out there, being visible, speaking up and sharing your message, and that’s a great start, but if you want to have an impact, your next step is to build your influence.  If you’ve been following me for a while and / or have taken on my visibility challenge, you’ll know that the first thing I encourage you to do […]

Could You Be An Inspiration For Others?

Photo of Emma speaking at an event

When I first started my business, it wasn’t initially focused on supporting women in tech, I was looking much more broadly at supporting stressed business owners.  Then, in September 2019 I attended the Women In Games conference and I had a massive insight.   As I listened to several talks about computer games that had been designed by predominantly female […]

Do You Show Off Your Uniqueness?

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“What’s unique about you?” I used to hate that question with a passion, and it came up in so many training courses that I attended!  Now I’m asking you the same question! 😱 But I hope I can do it in a way that doesn’t feel quite so scary.  You see, I’m not challenging you […]