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What’s Your Why?

❓❓What inspires and motivates you to get up and out of bed in the morning? ❓❓

❓❓What do you get so caught up in doing that time just passes by? ❓❓

❓❓How do the things you love to do make a difference to the lives of others? ❓❓

Let’s be honest, these can feel like difficult questions, and I wouldn’t expect you to be able to just answer off the top of your head, but I ask these questions to start you thinking. 

The more you start to notice and focus on the things that inspire and motivate you, the more they’ll show up in your life!

I don’t mean this in a magical way though. 

What I’ve found for myself, and with my clients, is that the more you channel your energy into the things you love, the more opportunities you discover that align with them. And then you take those opportunities which lead to more – and before you know it, your life is filled with the stuff you enjoy. 

A common mistake people make is focusing on getting rid of all the things they don’t enjoy first, in order to make space for the things they want to do. But this works against them in the same way. Focusing on what they don’t want results in more of the things they don’t really like to do. 

This is why I return again and again to helping you get clarity on what’s important to you, and that’s why I’m focusing my blogs this month around connecting with your mission. 

Your mission encapsulates the things that inspire and motivate you and remind you where to focus your energy. It acts as a beacon to guide you towards your next step, and it helps you to recognise the opportunities along the way.

And because these opportunities align with the things you enjoy, you end up putting more energy into them, resulting in you having more impact and making even more of a difference.

But let me be clear! I’m not suggesting there’s one mission for everyone, or that your mission remains fixed in stone forever. Your mission is a tool you can use to help guide you, and as you uncover new ideas and learn new things about the world, you can adapt it, refocus and re-channel your energy, always guided by the things you enjoy most. 

In my next few blog posts, I share ideas, exercises, and stories to get you thinking about your mission, with the aim of helping you get more clarity on what your mission might be. 

My next blog post on What’s Your Offering To The World encourages you to explore your undervalued strengths that make you who you are and around which you might choose to build your mission.

If you want to get into more depth in discovering your mission my Whats Your Why programme is a one-month, self-directed online programme designed to connect you with what’s important to you and the things that motivate you, and turn these into a mission and vision. It also includes practical steps to help you to take your mission into the world to increase your visibility, influence, impact and authenticity. Or you can get direct, personalised support from me by booking a one-hour one-to-one Uncover Your Mission session

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